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Future Chase/Jack

Drunk Dial - Have you ever been so drunk you typed in your own phone number?

For Now - Chase wanted Omi to succeed him. It worked. Now what?

Hunter and Prey - That guy sure looks a lot like Chase... or maybe Jack's just high off his ass. He's not sure. He remains unsure for quite some time.

Work Your Way Out - A technology reporter has gotten it into his head that tech mogul Jack Spicer's boyfriend doesn't actually exist. Chase isn't sure how to feel about that.

Alternate Timelines

Time and Time Again and Again and Again - Chase dying? Not if Jack and his time displacer and his canonically poor sense of self-preservation have anything to say about it!

Fast Talking Skinny Boys - What happens if the Heylin set their sights on Clay for a change?

Blood and Glass and Flame - Wuya sent Jack to recover her power from Chase's lair. It went about as well as any plan that depends on Jack ever does. Now Jack is a Heylin witch, Chase is perturbed, and Wuya's not going to be happy...

Anywhere But Here - In a timeline where Jessie was the Bailey child who was sent off to the Xiaolin, Clay finds himself on a very different path with a very different outcome.

Backdraft - Kimiko doesn't read a lot of isekai novels, but when she's knocked out during a showdown and wakes up in what appears to be ancient China...

A Cornucopia of Random AUs - What it says on the tin.

Xiaolin Omegaverse

Alpha Ain't Nothing But a Funny-Lookin' Letter - As long as he could remember, Clay had been told he was a natural-born Alpha no matter what he did.

Made For You - Jack thinks he's finally figured out what Chase needs.

Announcements - It was inevitable they'd have to see each other afterward.

Just a Moment - little bit of domestic fluff

Random Crack

A Thnking Problem - Oh look, a shen gong wu that makes your thoughts audible. I see no way this could go sideways.

Jack Spicer, Sex Wizard - Does what it says on the tin.